Cyrill Andreska

Patricia Wicky

Dominik Schneider

Simone Wyss

Chantal Siegenthaler

Manuel Torres

Christoph Willems

Architekt ETH

Born and raised in Zurich and suffering from a chronic weakness for the beautiful, Cyrill Andreska graduated from the ETH in 2011. After successfully gaining professional, organizational and improvisational experience in Mexico and Switzerland, he has been working for the Andrin Schweizer Company since early 2014.

Dipl. Textildesignerin FH

After completing the foundation course in art and design, Patricia Wicky started her studies in textile design at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences (HSLU). After graduation, Patricia gained professional experience in various companies before starting her own business in 2003 and specializing in ornaments in the room. She later returned to HSLU as a lecturer, where she had been teaching foundation and bachelor's classes since 2010. She joined the Andrin Schweizer Company in 2015 and is responsible for ornamental textile design solutions and their implementation in the interior.

Dipl. Innenarchitekt HF

Dominik Schneider originally completed a carpentry apprenticeship and then decided to take additional classes to become qualified as an interior designer. After graduation in 2014, Dominik worked in various offices as an interior designer before joining the Andrin Schweizer Company in 2016. The important thing for Dominik is to combine the spectrum between creativity, design and use in such a way that a well-rounded and user-friendly concept is created.

Interior Designer
Dipl. Colourdesignerin HF

After completing her apprenticeship as a draftswoman, Simone Wyss worked in various areas of architecture and design. Her fascination with design and her curiosity brought her to the „Haus der Farbe“ in Zurich, where she successfully completed a degree as Dipl. Color designer HF. She had already started working as an interior designer during her studies and has since been able to contribute to the success of exciting projects with her diverse, technical and creative background. After working in various Zurich interior design offices, she has been part of the Andrin Schweizer team since November 2016.

Dipl. Innenarchitektin HF

Whether traveling, in restaurants or while shopping, the first glance of Chantal Siegenthaler has always been at the four walls she has entered. As a career changer, it was important to her to complete her studies as a qualified interior designer HF part-time. She worked in various interior design offices during and after her studies and supervised various exciting projects. Since September 2017, she has been part of the Andrin Schweizer Company team as an interior designer.

M Sc ETSAS Architekt

Fascinated by the implementation of creative designs in built architecture, Manuel Torres decided to study at ETSA Sevilla and successfully completed his Master of Science Architecture in 2011. Out of interest in international architecture, he spent two Erasmus semesters in Germany at the Georg Simon OHM University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg, where he was able to deepen his knowledge in theory and practice. Manuel has been working as an architect in Switzerland since 2012 and oversees various projects in all phases of the work. As an interdisciplinary, lively man, Manuel is primarily committed to interior design, which he has contributed to the Andrin Schweizer Company since 2018.

M. A. Interior Design

Passionate for the craft, Christoph Willems decided to do an apprenticeship as a carpenter in Tübingen, which he completed as a journeyman in 2006. He then went on to study interior design in Kaiserslautern and obtained his Master of Arts in 2011. Since then, Christoph has lived and worked in Switzerland, his adopted country. There he gained experience in the field of interior design and shopfitting in two Lucerne companies until he found his way to Zurich in 2018. Since then, he has been part of the team of Andrin Schweizer.

Dipl. Innenarchitektin HF

Out of joy and passion for architecture and design, Angelika Epple decided to train as a draftswoman. After graduating with a high school diploma, she completed a degree in interior design. After Angelika had several years of experience in various small and large projects in the field of design, execution and project management during and after her studies, she has been working for the Andrin Schweizer Company since September 2019.